Data Privacy Declaration

We place the greatest possible value on the protection and security of your data. Irrespective of whether you are a customer or just a visitor to our online presence, we treat all data that we receive from you and which we store as “Personal Information”. We observe the following principles in dealing with Personal Information:

1. We adhere unconditionally to the strict provisions of Austrian data protection law. As far as the storage, processing and use of Personal Information is concerned, the law of the Federal Republic of Austria applies, in particular the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data (Datenschutzgesetz 2000, DSG 2000). DSG 2000 implements the EU Data Protection Directive in Austrian national law. We also handle Personal Information which we receive from outside Austria in accordance with this law, unless local mandatory law specifies otherwise.
2. Personal Information is not sold, lent, rented or passed on in any way. However, we reserve the right to transfer Personal Information to other companies in the context of restructuring or company mergers, provided these companies also undertake to observe the information handling principles described herein and have their registered office in the European Economic Area or a non-EU state with appropriate data protection (as defined in section 12 (2) DSG 2000).
3. We do not bring Personal Information to the knowledge of third parties. Companies that are directly or indirectly associated with us are not regarded as third parties for this purpose. Personal Information may also be transferred to outsourcing partners, provided they offer sufficient guarantee of legal and secure use of data and contractually undertake to observe the data handling principles described herein. We also reserve the right to pass on Personal Information to third parties if we are forced to do so by law, ruling of a competent court or order of a competent authority or if we are forced, as a consequence of your actions or failures to act, to have our rights, property or assets protected or enforced by the competent authorities.
4. In gathering data, we restrict ourselves to what is necessary and expedient. If we collect Personal Information, we will refer you to these principles or advise you how we intend to use the data. We need Personal Information to conduct our business and meet our contractual obligations. It also enables us to provide you with services better customised to your needs. There may therefore be instances when, in order to optimise our service, we link Personal Information with other data that is available to us.