BoYaSTAR - the Company

BoYaSTAR was formed in March 2009 as a limited liability company and is owned by the family of Birgit and Udo Oksakowski.

At our office in Gaschurn (AT) – in the thriving border rectangle of Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein – we run a modern consulting and management business.

We provide services in entrepreneurial advisory, in operating business and corporate affairs and also in project management.

As a qualified real estate fiduciary we develop, trade and manage property.

No Compromise on Service

Clients enjoy with BoYaSTAR the combined benefits of personal care and outstanding commitment, assured quality and a high degree of flexibility. The name “BoYaSTAR” represents professionalism and excellent service in the multilayered interplay of global dynamics. 

Our holistic approach and a realistically calculated price-performance ratio ensure real benefits for our clients. Satisfied clients are the most authentic and important image carriers of any successful company.

The scope of the services we offer creates the necessity for effective cooperation with carefully selected partners such as consultants, economic and legal experts, architects and building/civil engineers.